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Sound Barn Music Productions

About Us

Sound Barn Music Productions was born to meet the needs of artists who just wanted to present their music, their way. With honest intentions and a goal to do the very best we could at all times.

We found starting out that there are a lot of wolfs out there just ready to take your money and produce very little in return. Not many people in this business will take the time to sit down and share their knowledge. We will share what we know, our experiences, our successes and our failures in an effort to better serve you and create for you the best experience possible.

We started out with very little. four decades ago the music business and technology was very different. We began in tape duplication. Our first studio was a 4 track analog system with very little options. All we really had was creative talent and imagination. Soon we graduated to an 8 track system but still we were technically behind many others.

So how did we survive? By using our strengths, talents, imagination and abilities. This made us stronger. By being flexible we were able to adapt our operation according to our needs and work with other studios and companies when needed.

Today, we have a state of the art digital studio but with the same ingredients as before. It's never been about what we have to record with, it's about what we are recording, producing and arranging. People, imagination, creativity, talent, drive and know-how are the ingredients that make the total difference.

If you would like to talk with us about your next project please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to take your call.